Although we can help you achieve a fabulous smile through our comprehensive orthodontic treatments it is not all about cosmetics. We are here to help you through all walks of life to achieve the best in oral health by looking and feeling great but also functioning at 100%. We off a wide range of treatment options to straighten crooked teeth, fix bad bites and align the jaws correctly.

Dr Welyn Gordo is a one of our lovely dentist’s who works at both Adelaide Dental Centre and Personal Dental Care. Although she is a General Dentist, Dr Gordo has done specific training in the field of Orthodontics so is professionally qualified with several years of experience to meet your orthodontic needs. As an adult or a child Dr Gordo has the knowledge, skills and expertise to assist you in making the best decision regarding what option is best for you.

Here at Personal Dental Care and Adelaide Dental Centre we use both fixed and removable appliances otherwise including:

  • Braces (regular and ceramic)
  • True Line
  • Upper Removable Appliance (URA)
  • Rapid Maxillary Expander
  • Space Maintainers

Make an appointment to find out more about how we can help you with your orthodontic needs. Dr Gordo offers Orthodontic Consultations so you can first have your mouth assessed and ask her any questions you may have. During this your consultation Dr Gordo:

  • Can take you through if you are an eligible candidate for orthodontic care
  • Go through the range of treatment options available to you
  • Recommend the best plan for your mouth
  • Take you through an estimate of our fees
  • Discuss the rough time frame to complete the treatment with you

We work in conjunction with three main dental laboratories in South Australia and Victoria to achieve the best results for you as fast as possible. They are Southern Cross Dental, FabDent and OrthoLab.