Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

There are many different types of things that happen to us on a day to day basis. We are here to assist you as much as possible when things unfortunately go wrong.

From an accident, to a swelling, to a broken tooth or filling. It is important to you and important to us. We always hope that after an accident it is simple and straight forward. No matter what the problem, big or small, we understand that you might not be your calm self. We will take a deep breath together and just take your appointment one step at a time.

When something has happened please call us to make an appointment to see the dentist or let us know before you come in for a routine appointment as we would prefer that it gets better before it gets worse!

Please refer to our factsheets in terms of what you can do if you have a major accident or injury involving your teeth. Consider it a little bit like dental first aid! Quite commonly we get knocks to the teeth during sport. We strongly recommend wearing a mouth guards (sports guard) which you can read more about on our services page about Night Guards and Mouth Guards. Please wear your mouth guard during practice too as you never know what might happen!

As you can see there are several types of trauma to a tooth. It is important for us to investigate what has happen as soon as possible so we can perform the best course of treatment or just monitor if necessary.

If you are in pain or have a facial swelling, we will always do our best to see you on the same day but do ask for your patience as we fit you as soon as we can.

However, it is not all scary. Sometimes it is simple and straight forward because you have done something like gotten a small chipped on your front tooth or lost a filling. No matter the reason for your emergency visit we want to provide you with the upmost dental care possible.