Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging

Sometimes we must capture things we cannot and need to record see through x-rays and/or photos.

Dental Radiography (X-rays)

Dental radiographs are used to see where we cannot. In between the teeth and below the gingiva (gums) and the alveolar bone that supports your teeth and makes up your jaw and sinuses. In each of our dental surgeries we have the latest in digital radiographic imaging technology. This means we can take x-rays inside your mouth without you having to leave the room and they are processed without harsh, harmful chemicals as they are scanned straight into the computer.

We take a baseline set of bitewing radiographs on your first visit then routinely every 2 years, adhering and complying to dental regulations. This is done to make sure there is nothing we miss in your routine active maintenance appointments like hidden dental caries (tooth decay) or any dental abnormalities that we cannot clinically see otherwise. As well as check for periodontal disease (gum disease). Just because nothing may change does not mean that we stop taking them. As the saying goes the best news is no news.

At Personal Dental Care we also have orthopantomogram machine commonly referred to as an OPG machine that takes a full mouth radiograph that is used to access wisdom teeth, check for abnormalities in the jaw and sinuses, and access the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or jaw joint.

It is understandable that people sometimes have fears of radiation of x-rays. As a safety precaution we do not take x-rays on pregnant women during the first trimester unless absolutely 100% necessary. During the second and their trimester we also do not take routine bitewing radiographs for peace of mind for expecting mother’s and father’s. However, during an emergency if a dental x-ray it required it is safe to do so. As we have the latest in digital technology the radiation from a dental x-ray taken inside the mouth like a routine bitewing radiograph is considered negligible. However, we do understand if you have concerns, so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you have at your appointment.

Fact Sheet – ADA – Dental X-Rays

Dental Photography

Taking photographs is important for before, during and after images of treatments like orthodontics not just for our records but for you to see your progress as well and make sure you are 100% with the not only the progress and but the end results.

It is also important to take photographs of any abnormalities found in and around the mouth as a baseline in case there is a need for comparison in the future. We have intra-oral camera installed at both practices so we can show you anything important inside your mouth that you cannot see yourself and record any abnormalities if required. Each of our cameras are equipped with disposable plastic sealed sleeves for infection control purposes.