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Prevention is better than cure. Visit our Hygiene team to keep your smile looking and feeling healthy.

About gum disease

Periodontal disease is initially caused by poor oral hygiene, allowing the bacteria (in the form of plaque) to build up around the margins of teeth. The toxins released from the plaque cause inflammation of the gums, a condition called gingivitis, which is reversible. Periodontitis then develops when the supporting bone around the teeth is destroyed, leaving the tooth loose and painful. Susceptibility to the disease highly depends on one’s host response to the periodontal pathogens.


How can we help?

Our Dental Hygienists Supaya and An works alongside with the dentist to prevent, treat and control dental diseases, and maintain good oral health. Supaya and An particularly focus on gum disease through preventive, educational and therapeutic approaches, which includes:

    • Demonstrating oral care techniques for plaque control
    • Doing periodontal examination to assess state of oral health
    • Removing stains and calculus deposits
    • Using appropriate fluoride treatment
    • Providing dietary and nutritional education


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