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Your dental treatment completed while you sleep. There’s no need to feel anxious anymore!

Do you avoid going to the dentist or make excuses to complete treatment? Is it because you have dental anxiety or had a previous traumatic dental experience in the past? Do you have a gag reflux or cannot keep you mouth open for a long period of time? Or would you like treatment done in complete comfort and without any recollection of the procedure?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you should consider treatment under I.V sedation!

Intravenous sedation, known shortly as I.V sedation, involves a drug administered to make a person feel like they’re asleep when they’re actually still conscious, making it easier for the dentist to complete the treatment and more comfortable for the patient. The relaxation level is quite high, which means you most likely won’t remember the procedure.

I.V sedation is becoming a popular choice, every four weeks we offer sessions on site for patients who prefer being under I.V sedation for their dental treatment. Please have a consult with one of our dentists and discuss if I.V sedation is suitable for you.




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